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Rafia Zakaria (she/her) is a writer, mother, intersectional feminist, Pakistani-American, Hoosier, and woman. She authored the books The Upstairs Wife: An Intimate History of Pakistan (2016), Veil (2017), and most recently, Against White Feminism: Notes on Disruption (2021). Rafia writes columns for Dawn (Pakistan) and writes the Alienated column at The Baffler. In addition to writing, she co-edited Amidst the Debris: Humanitarianism and the End of Liberal Order (2021). She served on the Board of Amnesty International USA from 2009-2015. Rafia is a research scholar at City University of New York's Colin Powell School of Global Leadership. As of 2022, she is a Writing Fellow at the African American Policy Forum in New York, NY. There, she works on issues surrounding intersectional feminism and Critical Race Theory and their applications within the transnational context.



The Problem With White Feminism | Rafia Zakaria | AJ+

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